01. A policeman found the body of a young man in the park while out on [patrol] last night.
02. This area is [patrolled] regularly by security guards with dogs.
03. The missing soldier disappeared during a routine [patrol], and is feared dead.
04. Guerrillas attacked a government [patrol], killing 5 soldiers, and wounding a dozen others.
05. The escaped prisoner was found within minutes by a [patrol].
06. Customs officials [patrol] the borders looking for illegal immigrants who try to cross over the river during the night.
07. Police are [patrolling] the downtown core in an attempt to prevent rioting following the football championship.
08. Ever since the destruction of the planet Earth, Martians have [patrolled] the galaxy, arresting any humans that begin to pollute other planets.
09. Many schools in the U.S. now have guards that [patrol] the hallways to protect students from those carrying guns and other weapons.
10. The city has reported a decrease in crime in the city center since the police foot [patrols] were increased.
11. Game wardens in Rwanda [patrol] the country's wildlife reserves to guard against illegal hunting.
12. He had a broken leg and was lying in a snow bank when he was found by the ski [patrol].
13. In 1914, following the sinking of the Titanic, 16 countries formed a [patrol] to warn ships of icebergs in their path.
14. In January 1968, the American ship the 'Pueblo' and its crew of 83 men were captured by North Korean [patrol] boats off the coast of North Korea.
15. In January of 1995, the British Army ended 25 years of daylight [patrols] in Belfast.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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